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Livestock and Meat Products Imports

Research and Development

We carry out extensive international research to select the best countries and the highest quality livestock.


Behin Taba completes all the processes with the help of the most trained trading forces in the shortest possible time.


We provide our customers with a diverse range of products at competitive prices and high quality in all parts of Iran.

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Investor Corporations


Taba Engineering and Services Co. (a member of Tana Energy Group)

TABA Service Company established in January 2015 as one of the affiliated companies to TANA Energy Group to focus on Service activities for the projects related to different aspects of energy sectors such as power plants, oil & gas, petrochemical and industrial units. Thanks to its highly qualified and experienced staff, documentation of updated systems and methods, implementation of creative solutions & new management approaches, TABA Service Company is making efforts to propound its name as a company which is rapidly growing in the services in energy sector.


Omran Behboud Paya

Omran Behboud Paya has been established and registered in 2014 to provide engineering and contracting services. The company's current and potential capacity is designed to carry out its mission and provide engineering and contracting services in large scale projects, with complex technical and specialized topics. This company with the background of an experienced management system and relying on expert and capable team provides the features and specifications needed for each project to manage and direct its projects management.

Chairman of the board
Khalil Parsa

Industrial Management MS. From Sharif University, 30 years experience in business launch in various fields and international trade, Elected Engineer of the Academy of Sciences

Vice Chairman of the board
Rahim Ahmadi Torkamani

Bachelor of Civil Engineering with over 20 years of management experience in the field of civil engineering

Majid Zarei

Master's degree in executive management, Mechanical Engineering Specialist, Amir Kabir University. 18 years of management and executive experience in international trades

Member of the board
Ali Nikbakht

Mechanical Engineer, Amir Kabir University of Technology. 18 years of management and executive experience in international trades