Field of Activity

Fresh Meat Imports

We import fresh meat from four first-class countries in the livestock industry, and we assure our customers that all health and sanitary measures are taken at the slaughter, pre-cooling, transportation and delivery of the product.

Frozen Meat Imports

Freezing mainly inhibits the activity of microorganisms and enzymes, which can be stored more than cold meat. These fries are quickly frozen in the freezing tunnel and are exposed to cold weather blasting so they could easily travel long paths without any change in their health.

Light and Heavy Livestock Imports

The imported livestock of this company are fed with fresh herbs, which is why their meat is of very high quality and delicious. The countries that this company chose to import from,breed the livestock under the traditional conditions, which is why most of them grow in flocks and in the natural environment under the supervision of a shepherd.

Egg Imports

To supply the eggs needed by the Iranian household, we will supply the best quality eggs to the fastest way to the Iranian tablecloths.