Fresh Meat Imports

We bring the products to our customers by choosing the best countries, slaughtering the livestock with the latest methods and finding the fastest ways of transportation

Frozen Meat Imports

BehinTaba provides the best quality frozen meat from all over the world for its customers

Light and Heavy Livestock Imports

Considering the drought and the limited natural resources of Iran for breeding livestock, we import healthy and fat livestock to have a share in providing the protein of the country.

Egg Imports

To supply the eggs needed by the Iranian household, we will supply the best quality eggs to the fastest way to the Iranian tablecloths.

About Behintaba

We are an active company in the field of Import/Export of livestock and raw livestock products
We provide customers with a diverse range of new products.

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By focusing on stakeholder expectations and rewarding its human capital, Behin Taba is believed to be the leading company in the industry, adhering to the principles of sustainable development.



Increasing the protein share in the nutrition basket of all Iranian households and trying to win the trust of customers in providing the most reliable protein in the country



Become a leading company in the field of supplying high quality protein products in the country and the region until 2022

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Increasing the Protein Share in Nutrition Basket of every Iranian Household

BehinTaba based on its core capabilities and the visions and strategies chosen, is aimed at providing a diverse range of new products to customers in the industry.

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Continuous monitoring of the whole process

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Diverse Range of Products

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